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        The prospect of the development of China papermaking industry in 2015

        Statistics released by the National Bureau of statistics display project information, as of 2014 9at the end of the month, the number of China's pulp and paper and paper products industryenterprises 6824, lower than the same period last year 334. Of which: pulp manufacturing 46,reduce 15, paper 2964, increased 61, paper products manufacturing industry 3814, reduced 380.

        Prediction and analysis of 2014 newsprint sales

        According to the Association statistics, in 2013 the domestic newsprint production capacity of 3600000 tons, imported 110000 tons of newsprint, the annual consumption of 3620000 tons.The statistical data provided by the GAPP is the 2013 publication of the national total of 1915 kinds of newspapers, 209784000000 total print runs of sheet, folded paper capacity of 4825000 tons, down 5.12%.

        Prediction and analysis of China papermaking industry market in 2015

        In 2015, GDP will continue to grow, but growth will continue to decline, to have a negative impact on paper, and according to Chinese papermaking association reports that, since 2013,coated paper, uncoated printing and writing paper consumption for the first time in 10 years of decline, the pressure still exists; the import and export, coated paper, uncoated paper forprinting and writing paper exports were significantly higher than that of imports, influence of foreign manufacturers on the domestic market is relatively small; the relationship between supply and demand, the overall change is not big, therefore the expected overall environment and in 2014 2015 was essentially flat or even slightly better.