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        In 2014 third batch of backward production capacity surplus paper released a list of

        The Ministry issued a circular to eliminate backward and excess capacity in the target task in 2014 the third batch of industrial sectors, including papermaking industry to eliminate backward and excess production capacity of 297000 tons.

        Analysis of the development direction of transformation of upgrading the 2015 global paper...

        From the international market, to 2014, the global corrugated box demand will be 3.4% annualgrowth rate of up to 213000000000 square meters. Moreover, a large part of the growth will come from China, global packaging is ushering in a "China era". However, the packaging industry is facing many challenges, innovation mode exploration becomes inevitable. To reduce the impact on the environment caused by the increase of packaging and packaging process flexibility, improve the degree of automation, packaging packaging has the advantages of convenient use, improve packaging integration service level, packaging tomultifunctional and single one or two polarization direction, these will become an importantdirection of the future development of corrugated packaging industry.