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        In 2014 third batch of backward production capacity surplus paper released a list of


             The Ministry issued a circular to eliminate backward and excess capacity in the target task in 2014 the third batch of industrial sectors, including papermaking industry to eliminate backward and excess production capacity of 297000 tons.

              According to eliminate the number of enterprises, according to the province distribution,topped the list for Jiangxi, 5, followed by Fujian 1, Hunan 1. By eliminating the capacity size of view, Jiangxi out of production capacity reached 236000 tons, up, out of Fujian 50000 tons,11000 tons out of Hunan.

              Eliminated before two batches of backwardness and excess capacity are the first batch of 3971700 tons, the second batch of 653300 tons. This year, plans to phase out backwardproduction capacity reached 4922000 tons of excess paper. Compared to 2013, the nationalpaper and paperboard 101100000 tons production capacity accounted for only 5%, out to.According to incomplete statistics, the paper-making new production can reach 9290000 tons this year, which is more than 1.8 times out of production capacity, production capacity is stillvisible in papermaking industry in the expansion state, the short term, minimal possibility ofpaper price price.

             The following is the third batch of 2014 eliminated backward excess papermaking capacity list:

              According to the Ministry of industry and information requirements, included in the list of thesebase paper suppliers must shut down the requirements of the production line before the end of 2014 (equipment), and shall not be transferred to other places. The following is a list ofrelated to the base paper production enterprises, and with each enterprise need to eliminate the production line:

             1, Jiangxi Shangli County Ping Feng Paper Co., Ltd (60000 tons)

              1760 mm cylinder long mesh with waste paper as raw material for papermaking pulpingproduction line production line 6, the total production capacity of 60000 tons; productsquantitative 90- grams / square meters, width of 1760 mm.

             2, Jiangxi Shangli county the Fuchun River special paper mill (46000 tons)

             2400 mm cylinder long mesh paper production line 4: product of corrugated paper.

             3, Jiangxi Pingxiang Zhenxing Paper Co. Ltd. (60000 tons)

             Type 1760 years in the waste paper as raw material for papermaking pulping production lineproduction line 6.

             4, Jiangxi Province, Pingxiang city Fuyang Paper Co. Ltd. (50000 tons)

              Type 1092 in the waste paper as raw material paper-making production line 2, type 2400 in the waste paper as raw material paper-making production line 2, type 3200 in the waste paperas raw material paper-making production line 1.

             5, Jiangxi Taifeng Paper Co., Ltd (20000 tons)

              1800 mm paper production line 1, production date in 2003 January, with waste paper as raw material for the production of coated white board paper, width 1950 mm garden network multi cylinder paper machine 1 sets, the design speed of 100 m / min, the working speed of 100 m / min.. Pump 42 sets, 3 sets of vacuum pump, slag removing device 4 units, 5 cubic meters ofpulping machine 4 sets, 1 sets of equipment for paper sludge, high consistency pulpingmachine 4 sets, 1 sets 6 tons of boiler.

             6, Fujian Li tree pulp & Paper Co., Ltd (50000 tons)

             Bamboo Pulping (semi chemical) production line, production date of 2005, 4.85 cubic meters of cooking pot 8, 20 cubic meters of the spraying pot 1, 6 square meters of belt pulp washingmachine 1 sets, grinding machine 4 sets, 4 sets of pumps, Phi 600 mm high concentration energy saving pulp grinding machine 2, width 3200 mm pulp machine 1 sets, DZH4-1.25-Atype boiler 1.

             7、Hunan province Yizhang County Hongxing paper mill (11000 tons)

             1 waste paper pulp production line: 3 cubic meters of pulping machine 8 sets, 8 sets off the pressure screen, high consistency cleaner 5 Taiwan, vacuum pump 10 sets, grinding machine 8 sets, pumping machine 20 sets, 3 sets of 5 square meters thickener. The width of 787mmsingle network single cylinder paper machine 15.

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