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        Foshan Zhongke Packing Co., Ltd.

              One, company profile: Foshan Zhongke Packing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is a professional engaged in corrugated board and carton production, sales as one of themedium-sized enterprises. The company has the world's advanced level of machine pitproduction equipment, printing equipment and high performance quality testing equipment,the company building area of 35000 square meters, the staff more than 200 people. The company products have been well received by HeGll Wrigley bathroom bathroom, bathroom,SUNCOO, Kito ceramic, wheat food, Yili pure milk, Haier freezer and many other well-known enterprises of the trust, and brand to become the strategic partnership of long-term cooperation.

               The company is located in Guangdong Province Foshan Sanshui science and TechnologyIndustrial Park, park immediately West Ring Expressway, Guangzhou expressway, threeFoshan Maoming railway and a ring is connected, the transportation is extremely convenient.

               Honesty is the of this man, but also the way of enterprise management. In the new century,people in the "unity and hard work, dedication and innovation, pragmatic and efficient" as the spirit of enterprise, adhere to the people-oriented philosophy, closely around the "talent,quality, service, profit, value added" business principles, form the centripetal force and cohesion of the internal, external form influence and penetration, to the modern enterprisestyle and the breadth of market oriented, customer oriented, promoting the healthy development of the cause of science steadily.

               Two, enterprise spirit: unity and hard work, dedication and innovation, pragmatic and efficient.

               Three, the core values: create value for customers, creating opportunities for employees,creating benefits for society.

               In four, science mission: to provide the best quality products and service for customers with the most competitive prices, to create a win-win situation.

              Five, in the Department of vision: dedicated to provide embodies in the division of labor andthe emotion of the product and service for the customers, and strive to develop into one of China's carton packaging industry's best and most successful enterprises.